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October 11, 2010

Have You Heard About Elephant Drive?

If you are like me, my whole life is on my computer. I am very careful to back up my files on an external hard drive, and I periodically make DVDs of my files, just in case my external hard drive fails.

I have friends that have suffered through a computer crash and saw what they had to go through to recover from it. I have also had files get damaged and was very grateful to have my back ups. A computer savvy friend of mine suggested that the safest way to back up files is off-site, as if my apartment burns down, the DVDs and the external hard drives will do me no good!

August 18, 2010

It’s Just Like Sugar!

I have found the BEST new product, and I have gotten all my personal training clients hooked on it. It’s JUST LIKE SUGAR!

I do not eat sugar and have not for many, many years. As a personal trainer and Pro Natural Figure Competitor, I am well aware of the deleterious effects of sugar on the body, including effects that can be seen (high body fat levels), those that you can feel (decreased energy and stamina, blood sugar fluctuations), and those that you cannot (a compromised immune system and the many diseases that sugar promotes.)

I had resigned myself to a life whereby nothing sweet would ever cross my lips. I did not want to poison my body with artificial sweeteners, nor could I tolerate alternative sweeteners, as they all messed up my blood sugar mechanism, just as sugar did.