“People always say that they need motivation to stay in shape. What they really need is a motive.” ~Tara Marie Segundo, M.A.

Tara Marie Segundo, M.A. began competing as an Amateur Figure Competitor 9 days after her 38th birthday in July of 2003! She won first place at NABBA’s Ms. Figure Empire State, and two months later she placed second at the Ms. Figure America National Championship.

In the fall of 2004, Tara Marie returned to the Ms. Figure America National Championship, where she nabbed first place! The following week, she placed second at the INBF Naturalmania National Figure Championship! With this win, she earned her Pro Card in less than 14 months after beginning her career as a figure competitor!

Tara Marie believes that becoming a competitor later in life worked to her advantage. She says, “The key to competing well is unrelenting hard work and persistence. In my twenties, I didn’t have the discipline to do what it takes to develop the physique of a competitor. I settled down as I got older, and I was willing to consistently work hard and eat clean—even when I wasn’t in the mood or it wasn’t convenient.”

Since her successful foray into the world of figure competitions, Tara Marie has continued her career as a Natural Figure Pro and uses her knowledge as a competitive athlete to help people overcome their own challenges and achieve their health and fitness goals!

Read Tara Marie’s expert advice in her articles and on her blog!

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In order to compete as a Natural Figure Competitor, one must be consumed with the preparation. The process is long, detailed, and often grueling. Even a minor distraction in life can be enough to pull you off track. My career began relatively late, at the age of 38—but with proper nutrition and training, I was able to develop my physique and make it to the Pros! Competing has not only taught me about the benefits of discipline at the gym, but also the benefits of discipline in life.

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