It’s Just Like Sugar!

I have found the BEST new product, and I have gotten all my personal training clients hooked on it. It’s JUST LIKE SUGAR!

I do not eat sugar and have not for many, many years. As a personal trainer and Pro Natural Figure Competitor, I am well aware of the deleterious effects of sugar on the body, including effects that can be seen (high body fat levels), those that you can feel (decreased energy and stamina, blood sugar fluctuations), and those that you cannot (a compromised immune system and the many diseases that sugar promotes.)

I had resigned myself to a life whereby nothing sweet would ever cross my lips. I did not want to poison my body with artificial sweeteners, nor could I tolerate alternative sweeteners, as they all messed up my blood sugar mechanism, just as sugar did.

Agave nectar, for instance, has a high glycemic index and is high in calories. It also offers no real health benefits.

Stevia is derived from the honey leaf plant, so it is still a sweetener that disturbs the body’s sugar mechanism. It has to be processed down into an extract, and chemicals are used to do this. In addition, stevia has a hypoglycemic effect, which can make one’s blood sugar drop too low.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and creates gas! Ugh! No thanks!

After years of being frustrated that I could not even sweeten my coffee, I found JUST LIKE SUGAR, and it is so amazing that I am telling all my clients, my friends, and my family about it.

I find that it tastes great and I can use it EXACTLY the way I would use regular sugar…in hot or cold drinks, on hot or cold cereal; I can cook with it, I can bake with it, etc.

I went to the company’s web site and read all the great testimonials by physicians and other scientists that love the product and all the amazing the health benefits. It is made of chicory root (which provides dietary fiber), calcium, vitamin C (both of which should be in everyone’s diet), and orange peel, which provides the sweetness.

The dietary fiber reduces the risk of colon and other digestive cancers; the combination of the dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin C increases the magnesium absorption in the body; and chicory root has been used worldwide for over 72 years to control blood sugar levels. JUST LIKE SUGAR stabilizes the body’s blood sugar levels (which is great for both diabetics and non-diabetics.) I got this information straight out of a report by Dr. Leonard Coldwell, one of the many world-renowned doctors that gave a glowing testimonial for the product.

Another thing that impressed me was the heart of the company. This company is really making positive changes in the world. A coalition of medical doctors gathered in 1993 and decided that it was their mission to rid the world of artificial sweeteners and their dangerous health effects.

Out of this was born “Mission Possible,” and they commissioned a man named Mike Sylver to develop a product that could be used in place of sugar and not only not harm the body, but rather promote better health. The result of this request was JUST LIKE SUGAR.

In addition, Mike Sylver and his team at Just Like Sugar are spearheading the “Save the Amazon Reforestation Project” and planting trees in order to preserve the Amazon Rain Forest!

I see the company as one that is looking to make the world a healthier and better place, and that resonates with me. They literally are trying to save the health of humanity, one person at a time. This is both rare and refreshing, and I am just so impressed!

Try JUST LIKE SUGAR! I promise that you will NOT miss using regular sugar and you will feel great, rather than slip into a sugar coma after eating! Good luck and I hope that you love this amazing product as much as I do!

You can get it nationwide at Whole Foods, and if you cannot find it stocked on the shelves, talk to the Grocery Team Leader or the Store Team Leader and tell/ask/demand/beg/petition/storm the store–do whatever you have to do–trust me, it is WORTH IT!!!

By the way, what I love the most is that they not only make the canisters for home use, but they even sell individual packets, so I keep a bunch in my bag in case I grab a cup of organic decaf on the run! One of my client’s uses the brown JUST LIKE SUGAR when she bakes muffins and cookies for her kids.

Below I have posted a link called “78 REASONS NOT TO CONSUME SUGAR.” I pulled this list from their web site and made a PDF to share with you. Read this. It will make you back away from the dessert buffet for the rest of your life!

Let me know what you think after you try it! I am absolutely sold!

They will even send you a free sample! Check them out on their web site:

Just Like Sugar®


Live with Simplicity,