Have You Heard About Elephant Drive?

If you are like me, my whole life is on my computer. I am very careful to back up my files on an external hard drive, and I periodically make DVDs of my files, just in case my external hard drive fails.

I have friends that have suffered through a computer crash and saw what they had to go through to recover from it. I have also had files get damaged and was very grateful to have my back ups. A computer savvy friend of mine suggested that the safest way to back up files is off-site, as if my apartment burns down, the DVDs and the external hard drives will do me no good!

After searching for a company that offered great service at a very reasonable price, I finally found a product that I just love; this off site back up that I am so excited about is called ELEPHANT DRIVE. I bought it for both my laptop and desktop. The software is very easy to use and what clinched it for me is their dedication to making customers happy.

Initially, I had a few problems getting set up, and they bent over backwards to help me find a resolution. I was so impressed with their attitude that I told them that I was going to write about this product in my blog.

Check out ELEPHANT DRIVE  if you want safe off-site back up for the contents of your computer and to ensure your protection in the event of a digital disaster! I have been extremely happy with this product and it has given me peace if mind, for sure! Tell everyone you know!

Live with Simplicity,