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December 13, 2012

Kono Social: Kings of Social Media

I have gotten many compliments about my social media accounts, including both my Facebook Business page and my Twitter account.  I must confess that I cannot take full credit for them, as I have a wonderful company managing both, and they do most of the heavy lifting for me!  After getting so many inquires, I decided to start a new category on my blog called, Consumer Services Review.  In this section, I will review different services that I have used myself and personally endorse and recommend to others.

Kono Social is a full-service social media management company based in California.  I originally found them when my local social media management firm shifted gears and changed their business focus.  Worried that I would never find anyone to take care of me and continue to grow my following, I was pleased when a friend mentioned that he had seen Kono Social online.

The day I called them was the turning point in my social media campaigns.  By chance, the Vice President of the company, Tony Pinto, answered the phone.  That one call convinced me to sign a 6-month contract and I’ve never looked back.  Since working with Kono Social, my following has grown steadily and they have taken the pressure of managing social media accounts off my back.  I am a business person and prefer to focus on my work and other creative endeavors. I am happy to let Kono Social create content, monitor my accounts, and ensure everything runs smoothly.