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September 15, 2010

Training Tips for Great Glutes

I am always asked what I do to get my glutes so round and developed. Since I have designed a very detailed leg/butt routine that consists of thirteen different exercises (doing 4 to 10 sets per exercise), I tell people that there is no brief answer to the question.

However, if I had to choose the top three exercises (of the thirteen in my lower body routine) that really have developed my glutes, I would select the following:

September 13, 2010

Calories Count

Are you eating a low-fat diet rich in complex carbohydrates with moderate amounts of protein, and you’re still one of the millions of people getting fatter and fatter?

Did it ever occur to you that even though your diet may be low in fat it’s too high in calories, and that’s why you’re not losing weight?

The “eat-all-you-want-as-long-as-it’s-low-fat” approach is the reason that many people think it’s OK to eat half a box of low-fat cookies everyday as an afternoon snack…then they wonder why they can’t zip their pants!

Think of your body as a bank account: if you make more deposits than you do withdrawals, your bank account grows.  In the same way, if you consistently eat more calories than you need (and make too many “deposits” in your fat cells) your hips grow!

While there are many factors that determine how many calories your body utilizes each day, the bottom line is that you cannot eat as much as you want just because it’s low in fat; calories do count!