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“What happens in your life is largely a matter of choice rather than chance. Seemingly insignificant choices you make each day can dramatically affect the outcome of your efforts.” ~Tara Marie Segundo, M.A.

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Tara Marie Segundo, M.A. is a New York City based Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer, Motivational Strategist, and Radio Talk Show Host with over 30 years experience in the fitness industry. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Physiology from Columbia University and earned certifications from both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. As a fitness trainer and consultant, her focus is helping clients break free from destructive patterns so they can reach their physical and mental peak and live to their highest potential. » Read Full Media Bio

Suggested Interview Topics

  • Battle Binge Eating with R.A.G.E.® (Tara Marie’s 4-step system to stop binge eating)
  • The 168 Hours Rule® (Use your waking hours to stay lean and fit)
  • The Most Overlooked Solution for Weight Loss (Master the mental game of fat loss)
  • You Don’t Have to be Fat (Drop the excuses and drop the excess fat)
  • Secrets of Living Lean (Secrets lean people practice daily)


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