“Don’t let the opinions of others define how you feel about yourself. Being popular is great, but it’s more important that you’re proud of who you are and the decisions you make.”
~Tara Marie Segundo, M.A.

It brings a smile to my face to say that I consider Tara Marie not only my mentor, but also my friend. Immediately upon meeting her, I knew that she was an amazing soul. Vibrant, inspirational, effusive, dynamic… these are only a few of the ways I might describe Tara Marie. She’s a true force of nature to be reckoned with and respected. Her energy is boundless. She doesn’t pull any punches, so you have to be prepared for her to be incredibly direct…and almost always right. She’s usually quite blunt, which makes it fun. Her approach to health and fitness is all-encompassing. She will not only change your workout routine, but also the way you think about your diet, your lifestyle and your approach to living well. She’s interested in transforming your physical body from the inside out. If you’re willing to accept the challenge, you’ll be amazed by how much you’ll get out of working with Tara Marie.

– Crane Stephen Landis, MBA, JD; Los Angeles, California;
Business Consultant and Attorney

If you listen to Tara Marie’s radio show, you might know that she has taken a great deal of time to work with me both personally and professionally, but mostly personally…because success professionally is entirely dependent upon personal success. Tara Marie immediately honed in on the most salient moments and motivators in my life, separated them out, and focused on their impact on my path. She respected the issues that required great care, lovingly addressed them, and shined a light on their influence over my past choices, both conscious and unconscious. Most of all, she has worked tirelessly to provide the inspiration to create great change in my life and to help me find a new, fulfilling direction and a new way of thinking. I am deeply grateful for her guidance and continued support. She’s simply phenomenal.

– Blaine Stephens, Orange County, California; Writer

Dear Tara Marie,

I wanted to thank you for the most informative, educational and transformational session today. I cannot express enough my gratitude for all your consideration, education and empowerment to make life changes –you truly enrich people’s lives. It makes life worth living!

I was so amazed with your knowledge, eloquent and sound explanations, and your overall commitment to what you do. In addition, special thanks to answering all my questions. Thank you for dedicating your life to enriching the lives of others—those of us who truly need it.

One of my girlfriends actually thinks that you need to write a book and create a product line. I also love your recent article on hard work and can definitely relate to it, especially after emigrating here from a different country just a few years back.

You are my STAR and inspiration. Please just never stop your amazing work! THANK YOU A Million!!

– Bella C., New York City; Financial Services

I’ve been working with Tara Marie since the summer of 2011, since which we’ve done several phone consultations. When we began, I weighed 312 pounds and I’m now 268 pounds (this is the first time I’ve been in the 260’s in years). Over the last couple of years, I’ve had ups and downs. I’ll lose ten pounds, only to gain back five the next week.

Tara Marie has taught me to keep working at getting fit, even after a setback. She’s taught me to do something physical every day, even if just going for a brisk walk. Another critical concept she’s taught me is how to eat clean. She told me about “Volumetrics”— filling up on dark leafy greens and other foods that are low in calories but high in volume. She’s shown me that I’m a food addict and given me tips on how to handle the intense cravings I sometimes get. I truly value Tara Marie and look forward to losing the rest of my excess weight over the next year.

– Steve Pugh, Houston, Texas; Life Insurance Agent

Dear Tara Marie,

Thanks so much for our recent sessions! Your notes on our work are AWESOME!!!!!

I am so HAPPY that I gave you the task of being MY LIFE COACH! You are everything I envisioned a Life Coach should be. I had a professionally trained Life Coach about 3 to 4 years ago, and the difference between her and you is that YOU ENCOURAGE communication/interaction. Also, nobody can match your LOVE, INTELLECT, KNOWLEDGE, TEACHING, and ENTHUSIASM FOR TRAINING THE HUMAN BODY AND MIND!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With Gratitude and Heartfelt Appreciation,

– Scott Rothman, New York City; Business Owner

I only get to work with Tara Marie occasionally when she is in town, but she has helped me tremendously! I have very tight muscles, and between the work we do on the foam rollers, the stretching sessions and the manual soft tissue work, I feel 100% better. My back feels less locked up and I have gained flexibility all over my body. Thank you, Tara Marie, for not only helping me, but also teaching me to help myself when you are not around!!

– Joanna Kohn, Tampa, FL; Controller at a financial services firm

Tara Marie jump-started my personal crusade to get in the best shape of my life after a decade and a half of slow deterioration from desk jobs and pathetic excuses. She gave me all the tools I needed (training routines, diet, motivation, and more!) to finally say “Enough is enough!” and just do it. She has also helped my fiancé to zero in on her pre-wedding fitness goals. Tara Marie is a firecracker—so full of energy and passion for health & wellness—which is just what most people need to shake things up!

– Tony Pinto, CA; Business Executive

It is rare that you meet someone whose nutrition and fitness knowledge truly stands out, but Tara Marie is that person. Her spot-on advice, wealth of integrative knowledge and holistic approach to health continue to make a tremendous difference in mine and my friends’ lives.

I can’t get enough of her wisdom and practical guidance. I also appreciate Tara Marie’s directness, intensity, passion, personality, and love for her trade. If you are looking for a wide range of health advice, I would recommend no one else but Tara Marie.

I also would encourage you to visit her outstanding seminars and other live presentations. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Tara Marie!

– Anna Cohen, New York City; Investment Management

Thanks, Tara Marie, for designing a healthy lifestyle that is perfect for ME! You were sensitive to my lupus issues without compromising the intensity I need to reach my fitness goals. My whole family is eating healthier and becoming more active as a result of the simple changes we made.

– Tara A., CA; Mortgage Loan Processor

Tara Marie’s training provides me with practical, experience-based insights to quickly
improve muscle shape and size. Because of her educational background and hands-on experience, she understands both the mechanics of fitness AND the nuances of weight training that dramatically increase the effectiveness of each exercise. It’s inspiring to learn from someone who can work out as hard (or harder) than I can on every move!

– Mike Evans, New York City; Business Executive

Tara Marie’s consulting has helped me hone in on what to do when progress comes to a halt. She has helped me become very aware of my habits by counting my calories and seeing just how quickly and easily we can overeat. She has helped me realize how much water to drink, too! We need to drink A LOT to rev up the metabolism and keep our bodies lubricated and cleansed. She has helped me realize just what a hard workout is! It’s not about spending long hours in the gym – it’s about working VERY hard while you are there! Tara Marie has, more than anything, helped me stay focused on a whole body and mind approach to health. I have lost 32 pounds and have another 30 to lose. Most importantly, I have erased the diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome from my life! No more diabetes, no more high triglycerides (2500!!!!), no more high blood pressure, no more high cholesterol! Thank you, Tara Marie, for all your valuable advice. It’s truly made a big difference!

– Dayna M., Seattle, WA;
Commercial Aviation e-Learning Developer & Project Manager

Tara Marie did not miss a detail in my fitness evaluation! The regimen she created has gotten me excited about long term success! I sincerely appreciate her knowledge, tell-it-how-it-is approach, and her overwhelming encouragement! Thank you, Tara Marie, for giving me the tools to live a healthier life!

– Melissa H., Los Angeles, CA; Social Media Consultant

Thanks so much, Tara Marie, for being so human and for being compassionate enough to admit to “falling off the wagon” sometimes. This gives the rest of us the ability to not be so hard on ourselves when we do the same. I’ll have to admit that I, and I’m sure countless others, have put you on an inhuman pedestal, thinking that you never make a mistake when it comes to health. I know it’s unrealistic, but I think it is true. Your courage and forthrightness in telling about yourself does more to help others, I believe, than even some of the excellent advice you give. I’m so glad that a person such as you exists and shares such wonderful advice and help with all of us trying to stay healthy. Keep doing what you are doing. We need you!

I don’t write many notes during my busy tax season, but I felt I had to tell you how I feel and how important you are to so many.

– Alan Stahl, Westchester, NY; Accountant

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