Get Real!

Have you ever started a new diet and exercise program that fizzles fast because you just can’t take it anymore?  You need to get real!

First, do what works for you.  This is your program, and it must accommodate you—your skill level, and activities that you know you will do.  If you try to follow the same fitness plan as your single gal-pal at work, it may not fit into your life if you are a working wife and mom with three rug rats!  Examine your life, what you like to do, and your limitations.  Customize your fitness plan to meet your needs and it will take less effort to maintain it.

Next, create a plan that you can live with forever: no shortcuts here—your plan is your new lifestyle, and you must create one that you have time to incorporate into your schedule.  Taking extreme measures will do nothing for you in the long run.  It’s better to make and sustain small changes than to do anything too extreme for a short while.  If you get overwhelmed or frustrated when thinking about “forever,” think only about today. Tomorrow will come and you will handle it when it gets here.

Finally, if you feel frustrated, your plan may not be tailored to fit your needs and your life.  Whether you have a bad knee, a bad shoulder, a bad hip, or a bad attitude, be honest with yourself and create a plan that really works for you.  Trying to be someone that you are not is asking for failure.  If you know that you are not a morning person, do you really want to sign up for the 6 AM Boot Camp at your gym?  If you simply hate to jog, think twice before being talked into joining the Road Runners’ Club with your best girlfriend.

Most importantly, get real about who you are.  We’re not all designed to have a long, lanky body—that’s a certain body type, and you may not have it.  Be realistic about who you were born to be, and vow to be the best you can. 

I have a muscular, athletic build.  Try as I might I will NEVER be a Prima Ballerina, and I have to accept this.  I would be at least twice the size of the other girls and the chances of a partner actually lifting me over his head are slim to none. Look at yourself realistically and set realistic goals.  It is exhausting to try to be something or someone that you are not.  Accept yourself where you are and get on with your life!

You will succeed if you GET REAL!

Live with Simplicity,