The Leanness Lifestyle

I am starting a new category on my blog for Book Reviews!  I come across many fantastic books, as I interview brilliant authors for my radio show, TARA MARIE LIVE.

There is a book that is so comprehensive and so useful for teaching the fundamental principles of transforming your body, your health, and your life that I have chosen it for my first review!

Called, The Leanness Lifestyle, this “bible” of body transformation is just what you need to get on the right path and avoid the pitfalls of everyday life on your way to becoming the best version of yourself!

The author, David Greenwalt, is a professional colleague, a frequent guest on my show, and now a friend.  Most importantly, he himself has totally transformed his body, his health, and his life using some very basic but key principles that he shares in the pages of this gem.

He is not only an author, but also a Wellness Coach that runs one of the most highly successful online coaching programs ever, also called The Leanness Lifestyle! He has helped literally thousands of people from all walks-of-life overcome common issues and make phenomenal gains.

When David and I met, we quickly realized that we share the same beliefs about what it takes to transform yourself from frumpy to fabulous—from mediocre to miraculous—and to live a life of health and vitality every day.

I can hardly call The Leanness Lifestyle a book, as it is really a 463-page guide to getting the life and the body of your dreams—a guide to being your best self!

David thoroughly explains the nebulous details of everything from diet, body composition, obesity, readiness to change and energy balance, to triggers, addiction, and even common lifestyle “booby traps” that can trip you up and derail your plan!

I am not one to bash people or their work, but I am also not someone that dishes out undeserved compliments.  I love his work and personally endorse this book!

This is a guide for the young, the old, and the in-between.  This is a guide for the beginner, the novice, and the experienced fitness buff.  I am quite well-versed on the topics covered in The Leanness Lifestyle, yet I found myself discovering morsels of helpful information that I have used both in my own life and with my personal training clients.

If you want to achieve permanent transformation and build a strong, healthy, and balanced body, run (don’t walk) and get a copy of The Leanness Lifestyle.

You can pick up the book on David Greenwalt’s site,  While you are there, check out his boot camps and online training programs.  He is a good guy that really cares and wants to see you succeed.  You deserve it!

Live with Simplicity,