Win $10,000 While Losing Weight!

Win $10,000 while losing weight!  Sounds too good to be true, huh?  The good news is that this is a real chance to lose weight and win a $10,000 prize!  There is no down side!

My good friend and fitness expert, David Greenwalt, is the creator of an amazing weight-loss Boot Camp with more than 1000 previous graduates since 1999.

You don’t have to travel to participate!

More than 90% of David’s Boot Camp students graduate, lose weight and achieve their goals.  This is the real deal!

David is a frequent guest on my radio show, TARA MARIE LIVE, and he is one of the top wellness coaches in the country.

Check out his Boot Camp page and decide for yourself. I highly recommend David’s Boot Camp and there’s no better time than now to kick off 2011 the right way—by putting yourself first on your list!

Click the link below to see David’s page:

Live with Simplicity,