The Myth of Motivation

Are you having trouble sticking to an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan?  Here are some practical tips that you can put into practice right away! 

First of all, forget about motivation! Relying on motivation doesn’t work, and neither does relying on will power.  Instead, you need to decide what you want!  Do you want to lose body fat, do you want to increase your muscle mass, gain flexibility?  Whatever you want, clearly define your goals and write them down. 

 Next, set a plan to get what you want.  Extreme behavior for a short period of time won’t serve you—instead, set realistic, short-term goals to reach your ultimate long-term goal.  You will have days when you feel motivated and many more when you don’t—but the question is not “how do you feel.” The real question is “what do you want?” 

 If you clearly define what you want and set up a realistic plan, you will eventually reach your goal.  If you have trouble sticking to your plan, it is either unrealistic given who you are and your current lifestyle or, at this time, you may not want to reach your goal badly enough. 

 When we don’t really want to do something, we look for reasons not to do it.  Conversely, when we are ready and willing to do something, we bend over backwards to make it happen and don’t let anything get in the way.

 Decide what you want, generate a plan, stick to your plan, keep your eyes on the prize, and you will succeed!

Live with Simplicity,