TAG, You’re It!

Recently, more than a few people have emailed me asking who, pray tell, designed my web site??!!

Instead of answering the same question again and again, I have decided to spill the beans right here in my blog!

If you are looking for a full-service web company and want to work with people that are highly professional, exceptionally creative, unusually honest, and genuinely caring, your search is over! They can take care of all your needs: designing, hosting, programming, social media, and e-commerce!

The design team behind taramarie.com is TAG Online, based in NJ. You can call them at 973-783-5583/1-800-TAG-8281 or check out their web site: www.tagonline.com. You can also email them at staff@tagonline.com…they will take good care of you, I promise!

Live with Simplicity,